Applying Physics with Old/New School Investigative Techniques To Find The Truth

Robert Brunansky


Criminal Investigations - P.I. - Military Investigations

  Roberts reputation and history of successful Criminal Investigations Expertise spans four decades.  

Robert is a retired Phoenix Police Officer, homicide investigator, robbery investigator.  He has also consulted on many NCIS cases for the Military. 


Robert has had a great career during over 44 years in the Criminal Justice System. He spent 32 years with the Phoenix Police Department working my way up from a Patrolmen to ending my career in the elite Homicide Division.  He Has had the opportunity, due to his experience with the Phoenix Police Department, to have

worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Secret Service, the Drug Enforcement Bureau and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms.  He was requested to work for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office and was the only Investigator chosen to serve on the Arizona State Attorney General’s Cold Case Task Force Committee. 

After his career within the Law Enforcement Field he was requested and chosen to work for the Maricopa County Public Defender’s Office. This was a great  opportunity was able to work with Project Innocence and learn more about criminal investigations from another perspective.