Applying Physics with Old/New School Investigative Techniques To Find The Truth

Criminal Investigations


Criminal Investigations - Major Crimes

We are a full service civil and criminal Private Investigation company.  We offer reliable Investigation services in legal matters concerning a variety of disciplines and major crimes.

Expert Investigators

NCIS Investigations

As Experts in the investigation field we utilize and have access to thousands of public and proprietary data sources that enable us to locate the information you need to make that important decision. Our research skills, in conjunction with our investigative and interview techniques, will provide a comprehensive report detailing the needed information and documentation.  

Background Investigations and Expert Investigators

Background Investigations

We are professionals and experts at providing research and background information about individuals, companies, products and concepts. We provide this research to attorneys, insurance companies, corporations, accounting firms, and human resource departments on a daily basis. The scope of our research with our background checks encompasses a broad spectrum and depth, depending on your needs