Applying Physics with Old/New School Investigative Techniques To Find The Truth

Jeff McGrath

Smart Guy

Accident Reconstructionist - P.I. - DUI Expert


Jeff's reputation and history of successful Accident Investigation/Reconstruction and DUI Expertise spans two decades.  

Jeff is a retired Police Officer, Motorcycle Traffic/DUI Officer, DRE, Accident Investigator/Reconstructionist and Vehicular Crimes Investigator.

As an Accident Reconstructionist, Jeff developed a passion for analyzing and deciphering collision evidence scientifically.  Jeff is skilled at analyzing and utilizing the multiple forms of evidence and formulating a scientific end result that details the collision events.  


Jeff conducted street and traffic surveys as a police officer to determine roadway issues and driving behaviors in order to reduce accidents in high risk collision areas. The result of the surveys and recommended solutions were implemented and a noticeable reduction in collisions were seen in these areas.  


Jeff has also worked for the Public Defender's Office as an Accident Reconstructionist, DUI Expert and Vehicular Crimes Investigator.  Jeff has successfully reconstructed hundreds of accidents in which he testified as an expert resulting in desirable outcomes for clients including case dismissals.


Jeff is a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE), HGN Certified and a DUI trainer/educator.  Jeff is formally trained in Accident Reconstruction from University of North Florida (IPTM) and Northwestern University. 

In the Beginning

Where It All started

Motorcycle Traffic/DUI Officer

And Family Man

Family Time

Jeff and one of his four children