Applying Physics with Old/New School Investigative Techniques To Find The Truth

Accident Investigations

Vehicle vs Bicycle Crash Investigation


Our reconstructionists are technically trained and experienced in Investigation and Accident Reconstruction.  


If your case needs answers to issues relating to vehicle speed, avoidability, sight distance, collision severity or causation, then yes, you should retain an accident reconstruction expert. Even minor impacts and collision events may require expertise that would otherwise be left up to general nonscientific interpretation.

UAV/Drone Scene Investigations

Leading Edge Technology

 Our experts utilizes state of the art technology including UAV (Drones), survey equipment, photography, and tech equipment to evaluate the road and evidence and produce precision crash scene diagrams. 

The "Black Box" for CRD downloading of the final moments of a crash or accident

The "Black Box"

Our experts can analyze CDR data and convey that information in an understanding way to you and a jury.

Event data recorders (EDRs) can be configured to record a variety of data including pre-crash speed, brake use, or restraint and safety system performance.  The majority of vehicle manufacturers have already made their crash data available to the public, but how to read and explain it to a jury requires training.



We specialize in the interpretation of the evidence from the roadway and vehicles and use this information to help reconstruct the accident. The damage to the vehicles, along with the evidence left on the roadway where the scene begins to where it ends, tells the story of the accident.

3 Laws of Motion Collision Reconstruction,LLC provides a wide range of specialties in accident reconstruction. Our experts analyze your discovery, the roadway where the collision occurred, and the vehicles involved. We interview witnesses, police officers, case agents, and anyone else who may have touched the case.